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Farmers innovations

Coconut climbing-protective devices

Simon’s Tree Sprayer

Divakaran. P. V., farmer scientist and award winner in the first Farmers’ Science Congress has now come out with a simple device to protect the coconut climbers from developing corns on the toes and hand.

HOPES'Bee hive for stingless bees


Honey comb Peasants society(HOPES) panniyur, a society formed by ex-trainees of KVK designed a special hive for domesticating stingless bees.The stingless bees usually make their colonies in the cracks and crevices of building and tress. Extracting the honey normally leads to destruction of the colony. To overcome this, Sri Roy Vargheese , a HOPES member designed a 30 cm x 10 cm wide wooden box with a removable compartment , a PVC pipe is fitted to one end of the box for moving bees to another box while extracting honey. One box cost Rs 150 and box with special stand cost Rs 600.

Cowtail wagging protection device

Cowtail wagging protection device

Developed by Sri. Simon George Perumpadavu,this dev ice shields the milker during hand milking as the cow wags its tail to drive away flies. Thus it frees the milker and also cow from disturbances and enables comfortable milking.

Straw cutting device

Straw cutting device

Sri. P. A George, Thirumeni has developed a device for easy cutting of straw into small bits for making mushroom beds.

Palm climbing device


The coconut climbing device fabricated by Dar. M.J. Joseph is an easy to use multipurpose palm climbing device. Ladies and even unskilled persons can climb palms effortlessly using this machine.

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