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Farmer's Mall, An ATMA - KVK Partnership initiative, getting ready at KVK.Advanced Soil And Plant Testing Lab- Mushroom Spawns,Bio Control Agents Available-SBI-KVK Loan Window-KVK Mall-Food Processing Unit-Plant Nursery-Ornamental Fish Unit.

What KVK offers to willing enterpreneurs?

From experience KVK has learnt that imparting technical skill will not alone equip a willing individual to set up an enterprise. Hence KVK offers post training assistance and guidance in project preparation, obtaining FPO license, purchase and installation of equipments, labeling , bottling and marketing after respective trainings. KVK has been a source of inspiration for a no. of willing enterpreneurs. Great emphasis is being laid for hands on training. Most of the vocational trainings offered are aimed to start an enterprise like cashew apple processing, Jack fruit processing, Mushroom cultivation, Nursery management etc. Industrial visits and linkages with commercial banks for credit support have become an integral part of vocational training programmers. KVK has encouraged a number of young entrepreneurs to start their own establishment. We are instrumental for start of the first ever cashew apple processing unit in the district under the brand name “TOMCO”.

SBI-KVK Loan Window: Hassle free loan available

Food Processing Unit: Expert Training Available ; State of the art machineries available

KVK Mall: The final finished branded products conveys to the willing entrepreneurs a message that "you can"

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