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Increase Your Profits


  • apply fine silica @100kg/ha along with additional 45kg.potash for 0.8 tonne increase over average yield.
  • If the paddy field has facility for draining of excess water, low cost implements like drum seeder and cono weeder can be made use of. Drum seeder will help you to sow seeds in lines with a labour efficiency of two men per ha. per day. In between these lines cono weeder can be operated for weeding at the expense of 1 man per half acre per day.


  • To avoid foot rot incidence, follow phytosanitary measures along with trichoderma enriched organic manure application @5 kg/vine.


  • To manage moisture stress in  coconut garden apply coir pith compost @ 50 kg/palm. This will give additional benefit of supplying organic manure also.
  • If you have tank and motor  facility , practice a low cost, water&  labour saving Micro sprinkler irrigation  method to avoid drought incidence.
  • For additional benefit from coconut garden, practice inter cropping with medicinal plant Adathoda having good market demand.
  • If your palms show symptoms of stem bleeding , immediately chisel out the affected parts and paste coal tar.Then drench the basin with Tridemorph @ 25ml/25 litre.


  • For higher productivity , plant tissue culture plantlets @ 2plants per pit at a distance of 2x3m.