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Latest Farm Technologies

Mussel farming

KVK has initiated a demonstration project on green shell (‘Kallummakkai’ in local parlance) mussel farming in the District. A farming unit has been setup in the Mahe river estuary at Chokli panchayath by ’KVK Mussel Club’.


Coir pith compost for stress management in coconut

Coirpith compost will give dual benefit when applied in coconut @50Kg/palm. It will manage the problem of moisture stress and at the same time will provide organic   nutrient source. To demonstrate this twin benefit, KVK has established demonstration plots at Mandalam in Naduvil panchayath.

Intercropping Adathoda in coconut gardens

In coconut based home gardens, the endangered medicinal plant Adathoda vasica can very well be intercropped for increasing income per unit area. This medicinal plant is having good marketing demand and can be linked with the CAR (Cultivate and Return) programme of Parassinikkadavu Ayurveda Medical College.

Tissue culture Nendran banana under high density planting

Tissue culture plantlets free from viral disease  planted at a distance of 2 x 3 m with two plants per pit is demonstrated in farmers fields in Thaliparamba block.

KAU micro sprinkler irrigation

To ensure irrigation and to enhance water use efficiency, modern user friendly cost effective irrigation systems such as KAU micro sprinkler can be  made use of.


Control of coconut stem bleeding

Coal tar application after chiseling out affected parts followed by drenching coconut basins with tridemorph @25ml/25 litres gave remarkable results in KVK demonstration plots at Sreekandapuram. 

New varieties of black pepper

New shade tolerant varieties of black pepper released from Pepper Research Station, Panniyur namely Panniyur 5, 6 & 7 have superior growth and yield

Growing cowpea in coconut basin

Sowing 150 g of cowpea seeds per coconut basin resulted in an average green manure yield of 22 kg/basin, which is cost effective, act as live mulch and fixes Nitrogen too.

Coconut Bud rot management using Mancozeb sachet

Bud rot can be effectively prevented by tying the top 2 leaf axils with mancozeb filled (2g/sachet) sachets before the onset of monsoons.


Management of coconut stem bleeding

Management of coconut stem bleeding Hexaconazole can be smeared on cleaned trunk @5% and drenched in the basinssss@25% just like tridemorph, the fungicide commonly used; give the same degree of disease management.


Coir pith to ‘smoking sticks’

KVK evolve a technology for compressing coir pith into sticks that can be used instead of firewood to smoke rubber sheets.