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Farmer's Mall, An ATMA - KVK Partnership initiative, getting ready at KVK.Advanced Soil And Plant Testing Lab- Mushroom Spawns,Bio Control Agents Available-SBI-KVK Loan Window-KVK Mall-Food Processing Unit-Plant Nursery-Ornamental Fish Unit.

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Dar M.J. Joseph Farmers' Science Museum

The primary objective of the museum is to promote farmers' inventions. Farmers' inventions are low cost, farmer friendly and, therefore, easy to adopt for fellow farmers but presently confined to the locality where the technology was invented. It is the need of the hour to popularize the farmers' inventions and give due recognition to the farmer scientists in order to encourage rural inventions for the benefit of farming and the society as a whole

Federation of Farmers' Clubs

. A NABARD KVK Partnership Programme
. An innovative farmer led extension approach conceived by KVK for accelerating   diffusion   of innovations
. A “KVK- led Expert Emeritus Faculty (KEEF) ” for each taluk
Separate directorates (headed by farmer directors) for farmers' science, farmer   to  farmer extension, farmer to farmer training, processing and marketing.
. A chief manager (farmer) at the district level, seated in KVK, heading all unit-   level   managers

KVK Mall- A Unique Facility to Promote Entrepreneurship

The Kendra, has established a unique facility, namely, KVK Mall in its premises to promote entrepreneurship among farmers and self employment pursuers in agriculture through branding. The fully air conditioned Mall, with all the look of a modern shop mainly displays and sells branded value added products produced by the Food Processing Unit of KVK.


Model Unit For Rainwater Harvesting

A model rain water harvesting unit Comprising subsurface dyke, stone pitched contour bunds, check dams and moisture conservation pits are set up at KVK.

                                                                                               Subsurface Dyke>

e Publication Series
CD on Mushroom Production Released

CD Demonstrating scientific mushroom production released.
(For Other CDs see Publications)

Mango Villages

The Kendra actualized a new concept called ‘mango villages’  especially in arecanut tracts hit by  the debilitating lethal yellowing disease. Not less than 30,000 mango grafts of 19 varieties were produced and distributed to 60 villages.

Plant Health Clinic

Detailed soil, plant and water analysis facilities are available in the Plant Health Clinic of the Kendra. In addition to conducting test for major nutrients, micronutrients are also tested and recommendation given on nominal fees.

Want to do micro nutrient analysis?

A plant health clinic with high tech facilities for identification of diseases, pests and nutrient disorder including micronutrient is functioning at KVK. The clinic has facility for analyzing micro nutrients like iron, copper, zinc, manganese and heavy metals like tin, lead, cadmium.

They know better – Indigenous technical knowledge

For control of leaf spot of amaranthus mix baking soda and turmeric powder in the ratio 1:5 and spray @ 4 g mixture in 1 liter water Source : Karshakasree Gopi, Anjanam, Pathiriyad, Kannur.

Did you know?

It is time for start of planting of almost all crops. Coconut –Time for application of organic manure and first dose of fertilizer. Pepper – Time for shade regulation of standards, phytosanitation and trichoderma enriched manure application. Cashew – new planting Areca nut – Bordeaux mixture spray against Mahali Rice – time for transplanting