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Farmer's Mall, An ATMA - KVK Partnership initiative, getting ready at KVK.Advanced Soil And Plant Testing Lab- Mushroom Spawns,Bio Control Agents Available-SBI-KVK Loan Window-KVK Mall-Food Processing Unit-Plant Nursery-Ornamental Fish Unit.

What To See At KVK?


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Spread over an area of 25 ha in the world famous Pepper Research Station, the campus harbors the unique beauty of laterite shrub jungle atop and a mixed crop culture down the valleys. One can really experience the flavor of farming in the different production cum demonstration units set up in KVK.

pepper research station

KVK is located in the premises of world famous Pepper Research Station at Panniyur

KVK MALL - SBI-KVK Loan window- Food processing unit

.The KVK Mall is established to promote entrepreneurship among farmers and self employment seekers in agriculture through branding. The fully air conditioned Mall, with all the look of a modern shop mainly displays and sells branded value added products produced by the food processing unit of KVK.

The 'SBI-KVKLoan Window', first of its kind in India, facilitates hassle free loan to the entrpreneurs, self employment seekers and vocational trainees

Food Processing Unit has state of art machineries and gadgets for demonstration, training and production of value added products of cashew apple, coconut, black pepper, njavara rice, jack fruits etc

Dar.m.j. joseph farmers' science museum

The world's first Farmers' Science Museum, that too in the premises of public institution is set up at KVK. The primary objective of the museum supported by NABARD is to promote farmers' inventions. Rural innovations by farmers scientists have been playing a silient but very important role in the improvement of farming practices and development of agricultural sector. Farmers' inventions are by and large low cost, farmer friendly and, therefore, easy to adopt for fellow farmes but presently confined to to the locality where the technology was invented. It is is the need of the hour to popularize the farmers' inventions and give due recogniton to the farmer scientists in order to encourage rural inventions for the benefit of farming and the society as a whole.



A joint venture of IMD, Kerala Agricultural University and ISRO.




Rabbit Unit
Quail Unit
Ornamental Poultry Breeds
Poultry Breeds



model rain water harvesting unit - Sub surface dyke

A model demonstration unit for rain water harvesting unit comprising a subsurface dyke, stone pitched contour bunds, check dams and moisture conservation pits. The sub surface dyke (details in wikipedia) is the largest rainwater harvesting system in the region.
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Horticulture Nursery

KVK is maintaining a horticultural nursery unit supplying grafts of high yielding varieties of fruit plant like mango grafts, ornamental plants, forest trees etc.

Mushroom Spawn production Unit

A full fledged mushroom spawn production unit has been set up at KVK with the help ofState Horticulture Mission


ornamental fish unit

An ornamental fish unit has been set up at KVK with the support of ATMA, Kannur. Besides ornamental fish ornamental aquariums are also available for sale at KVK.


20 titles of video CDs under creative extension and e extension category are available. More titles are under producotion.

Bio production units

KVK produce and supply quality bio inputs and bio control agents adequately and at affordable cost for sustainable farming.

a) Trichoderma

A potential bio control agent widely used against fungal diseases like foot rot of pepper and many bacterial diseases is being produced at KVK.   

b) Pseudomonas

Kendra has set up a low cost technology production cum demonstration units of vermi compost with a production capacity of 10 t/ year.  There is facility for producing 20 tonnes of coir pith compost per year.

c) Compost yard

Vermicompost unit


Coirpith unit


Azolla unit


Vegetable seed production unit

The unit produces seeds of Cowpea var. Lola, Amaranthus var. Arun, Bitter gourd var. Preethi, Brinjal var. Haritha, Pumpkin var. Ambili, Cucumber  var. Mudicode local etc.
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Bee keeping

KVK maintains bee hives of Indian bee Apis cerana indica..

Mushroom & spawn

A mushroom house producing 5 Kg oyster mushroom per day serves as a demonstration unit for vocational trainees as well as a production centre. A spawn production lab is also setup to cater to the needs of mushroom growers of the district.
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arecanut sheath plate making

KVK maintains a demonstration unit with a plate making machine.

Information kiosk

Agro informations made available to farmers at their finger tips


plant health clinic

Services such as micro nutrient analysis, diagnosis of pests and diseases and soil health based problems are extended by the clinic.



model of kvk campus.


subsurface dyke